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NOTE: This information is only current as of May 21, 2022. Please visit for the most up-to-date information.

The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) is different from traditional insurance providers and our governance structure offers no exception.

As an Employee Life and Health Trust established by the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) and the Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA), we’re governed by Trustees.

Because we’re not accountable to shareholders or driven by corporate profits, our Trustees are able to focus their attention and ASEBP’s efforts on what’s really important—the needs of Alberta’s school employees.

ASEBP Trustee Fast Facts

  • 10 Trustees—five appointed by the ASBA and five by the ATA
  • Bound by a Deed of Trust which sets out our operational terms and conditions
  • Believe that health benefits and services are a sound investment by the public education sector 
  • Believe that the success and sustainability of the plan and its impact on covered member health is a shared responsibility between us, employers and covered members

Our Trustees are also responsible for determining our mission, values and strategic direction. Our chief executive officer—appointed by the Trustees—along with the rest of ASEBP’s executive team then operationalize these and translate them into health initiatives, products and services which demonstrate a high value for covered members and their dependants.

Meet our Trustees

Drew Chipman Drew Chipman, ASEBP Chair
April 2019 - present
Assistant superintendent, corporate services at Foothills School Division
(Trustee January 2009 - March 2019)


Headshot of James Gerun James Gerun, ASEBP Vice-Chair
August 2021 - present
An executive staff officer for teacher employment services at the ATA
Meagan Kuik Meagan Kuik
April 2022 - present
Teacher with Sturgeon Public School Division
Doug Lerke Doug Lerke
September 2013 - present
Teacher with Prairie Land School Division
Judy Muir Judy Muir
January 2021 - present
Elected school trustee with Northern Gateway School Division
Shirene Napier Shirene Napier
September 2014 - present
Teacher with Holy Family Catholic Separate School Division
Kim Pasula Kim Pasula
January 2018 - present
Elected school trustee with Red Deer Catholic Separate School Division
Daryl Scott Daryl Scott
September 2018 - present
Elected school trustee with Wild Rose School Division
Natashya Shewchuk Natashya Shewchuk
August 2020 - present
Assistant principal with Edmonton School Division
Brad Toone Brad Toone
January 2022 - present
Elected school trustee with Livingstone Range School Division