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Employee Wellness

ASEBP has a number of health and wellness resources and tools available to support you both at work and at home—as well as your employer.

Support for You

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The EFAP is a proactive health program, providing completely confidential physical and mental well-being support services to you and your family. Offering in-person, online and over-the- phone assistance, 24/7, the EFAP includes supports for:

  • counselling and family support services
  • relationship solutions
  • nutrition counselling
  • career development
  • smoking cessation
  • financial counselling
  • dealing with workplace change

Be sure to check with your employer to see if you have an EFAP with ASEBP. You can access ASEBP’s EFAP services through Homewood Health (ASEBP’s EFAP provider) by any of the numbers below or online through Homeweb—in English and French.

English contact numbers:
TTY: 1-888-384-1152
International (call collect): 604-689-1717

French contact numbers:
ATS: 1-866-433-3305
Appels internationaux (frais virés acceptés) : 514-875-0720

Calendar & Health Planner

Look no further than the ASEBP Calendar & Health Planner for new ways to spruce up your wellness routine or for fresh ideas to kick start a healthy habit. Each month, you’ll find insightful tips on themes like mental health, nutrition and community engagement to guide you throughout the year. ASEBP Calendar & Health Planners are available to order every summer through your My ASEBP account.


With the help of Canadian-based research and information, Apple-a-Day, an online personal health management tool, provides:

  • answers to your health questions and access to reliable programs, tools and advice—anytime, anywhere;
  • a health risk assessment and report tailored to you and your health; and
  • techniques to assess your health status, reduce health risks and better manage chronic conditions.


Workplace Wellness Support

The Sandbox

Build your health and wellness castles together in The Sandbox! A collaborative site that promotes and shares workplace health resources and ideas—The Sandbox can give you tip-of-the-finger access to resources, blogs and like-minded wellness champions in Alberta's public education sector. Our provincial partners—Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund, APPLE Schools, Be Fit For Life Network and Ever Active Schools—want to help you support and enhance the changes your school jurisdiction is looking to make. Check it out today and discover great resources to help along the way!


Support for your Employer

Workplace Wellness Support

ASEBP provides workplace wellness support and partners with your leadership group, wellness champions and wellness committees to facilitate solutions based on the health and wellness goals of your workplace. Talk to your employer about how ASEBP can support your workplace with a well-founded approach that has you and your colleagues’ needs in mind.

Mental Health First Aid

This program, offered through ASEBP, helps to identify the signs and symptoms of mental health challenges in your co-workers, employees and students. Mental Health First Aid training provides your workplace the opportunity to improve mental health literacy and gain skills and knowledge to better manage potential or developing mental health problems in ourselves, our colleagues and our family members.

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