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Covered Member Spotlight: Jesse C.

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Feb. 21, 2019

As a father of young children, I enjoy ASEBP’s extensive health, vision and dental coverage for teachers and their dependants.

What's your job title and where do you work? I’m a grade four to 12 music teacher with the Edmonton Catholic School Division

How long have you had Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) benefits? I’ve had ASEBP benefits since 2012

Describe ASEBP in a word or two: User friendly

Describe yourself in a word or two: Creative

What do you like to do outside of work? I enjoy playing music and spending time with my family

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Because I teach music to students in grades four to 12, my life is basically an ibuprofen commercial. We work with everything from ukuleles (for the younger grades) and guitars to piano and percussion, as well as some training in vocal technique. Additionally, I help students in our school’s recording studio where they learn the finer points of sound engineering and song production.

What do you enjoy most about ASEBP and/or your ASEBP benefits?

As a father of young children, I enjoy ASEBP’s extensive health, vision, and dental coverage for teachers and their dependants. I also find the My ASEBP Mobile App very helpful and easy to use. 

Which parts of the website do you use most often?

Most often, I make use of the My Benefits tab for details of the various areas of my coverage.

Do you have any tips to make the most of your benefits that you think others might find useful?

I find that ASEBP goes to great lengths to keep the lines of communication open through their availability for on-the-phone and walk-in meetings with covered members. Having up-to-date information about the amount of health spending account credits I have and what I’ve spent it on at my fingertips through the app is also invaluable. Lastly, the annual ASEBP Calendar & Health Planner that they issue is a nice tool to have handy as well.

Are you a My ASEBP website or Mobile App person? Why?

Most often, I make use of the app. Why? Because, like most millennials, I’m usually wrapped up in my phone instead of fo—hang on, I’m getting a text. Sorry. What was I saying?

How do you like to connect with us?

Usually, if I have questions, I connect with a benefits specialist by phone.