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Falling Ill or Getting Injured During a School Break

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Jun. 7, 2022

Who doesn’t love summer break? There’s more time to enjoy leisure activities and go on adventures—hello, relaxation and rejuvenation! But despite our best laid plans, accidents and injuries can still happen while we’re out living our best life during school breaks (i.e. summer, December, and spring break). And, even though you may not be at work during these times, you should still let your employer know right away if you become seriously ill or injured. 

Can’t I just wait until I’m supposed to return to work to tell my employer? 
It’s best not to, especially if the illness or injury lasts longer than you expect. By letting your employer know about it right away, even if you aren’t expected back to work anytime soon, the time away may count toward your 90-day elimination period for Extended Disability Benefits, which starts from the day you become ill or injured—not when you’re expected back at work. Plus, you may qualify for our Early Intervention Program

I don’t think my illness or injury will extend into the new school year, should I still let my employer know? 
Absolutely! As mentioned, sometimes there’s no way to know how long or in what ways an injury or illness will impact you, so it’s best to let your employer know right away. Additionally, by letting your employer know, they’ll inform us and we can help you navigate how your benefits can best support you in your recovery. 

If you have questions about how best to manage your benefits during a school break, we're here to help

We've also put together this short video explaining the importance of reporting injuries and illnesses while you're on a regularly scheduled school break.