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Sharpen your Pencils: Wellness Spending Account Changes

  • Plan Update
Aug. 14, 2019

With the new collective agreement that came into effect this past spring, we needed to make some changes to our WSA to ensure the program continued to align with the agreement. Since our WSA is also coming out of pilot at the end of this plan year, and becoming a regular benefit offering, these changes are perfectly timed! So, for the new plan year, we’re launching two WSA plans: one designed for teachers, and one for other education workers.

  • WSA 1: for other education workers, this WSA is the same as the original and includes the following expense categories: health support, fitness and sports activities and equipment, technology, family care, professional development and transportation.
  • WSA 2: for teachers, this WSA includes the following expense categories: health support, fitness and sports activities and equipment, health-related technology and family care. 

This change means that teachers will no longer be able to claim professional development or transportation costs to their WSA. The technology category for WSA 2 will also change to health-related technology, meaning only wearable technology designed for fitness tracking (e.g. Fitbits) will be eligible.

Teachers can still incur expenses under the professional development, transportation and technology categories until August 31, 2019. Just be aware that as of September 1, 2019, the new plans (and categories) will be in effect, so if you incur and submit expenses for these categories after this date, your claim will be denied.

To keep things simple, you’ll be able to find your WSA plan number when you log in to My ASEBP (online or via the app), and detailed information about what’s covered by your plan will be available on No action is required—you’ll be automatically enrolled in the applicable WSA plan on September 1, 2019.

If you have any questions about the WSA changes, feel free to get in touch!