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Summer Benefit Reminders

  • Using Your Benefits
Jun. 21, 2021

Another school year is coming to a close, and we can all agree that this break is definitely needed. But, before you set your sights on some much-needed R&R, here are a few items to keep in mind:

  • Don't forget to use your spending accounts. The current spending account year ends on August 31, 2021, and we encourage you to make the most of any credits you have left. Whether you still have plans to incur expenses or you've simply forgotten to submit existing ones, be sure you don't miss out. Not sure if you have any existing expenses to submit? Review your claims history on My ASEBP or the mobile app and transfer any outstanding eligible claims to your Health Spending Account (HSA), which can be done directly from the claims page. Remember: subtract any portion of an outstanding claim that’s been paid by another service provider before submitting it to your HSA, and claims reversed by your service provider will still appear in your claims history, so be mindful to not submit claims for anything you haven’t received. Not sure if you have any eligible Wellness Spending Account (WSA) expenses this year? Review WSA eligibility guidelines to find out! And, while the current plan year may be ending, you have until October 30, 2021, to submit expenses incurred between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021.
  • Bitten by the travel bug? We certainly can’t blame you if you’re itching to get on the road this summer, but travel is still a bit of a tricky endeavour. As stated in the Travel Information section of our COVID-19 page, be sure to review active travel advisories from the Government of Canada before embarking on your next adventure. If you do decide to travel, keep in mind that your Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) benefit coverage may be impacted. If you have any questions about your coverage, please reach out to us before you book your trip.
  • Don’t forget to add new dependants. Whether you’re getting married this summer or welcoming a child to your family, be sure they’re covered. You can add or remove a dependant to your ASEBP benefits by contacting your employer (or ASEBP if you’re enrolled in retiree or Supplemental Package benefits, are a RITE recipient or have a status of resigned disabled) within 31 days of a life event.
  • Extending your summer break, indefinitely. If you’re planning on making those summer break vibes last indefinitely by retiring, congratulations! Have you heard we’re offering a new retirement benefits plan to ensure you’re covered in this next stage of life? Check out the details on the MyRetiree Plan page.
  • Some reminders for contract employees. If your employment contract is ending in step with the school year, remember that you can still submit claims to your Spending Account(s) up to 60 days after your contract ends. Expenses must have been incurred before your contract ended and within the current spending account year, which started on September 1, 2020. And don’t forget to make the most of your benefits before your contract ends! Refill prescriptions, get a massage, visit the dentist, if you haven’t recently, and take advantage of any other coverage your benefits have to offer, so you can enjoy a stress-free summer.

Now, with all those benefit reminders out of the way, we want to wish you all a fabulous summer break! We hope you enjoy your time off, and know that we’re here for you, every step of the way.