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Taking Part in Bell Let’s Talk Day

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Jan. 28, 2021

Today, the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) is proud to take part in Bell Let’s Talk Day. This year’s theme is Give because every action, whether big or small, makes a difference when it comes to mental health. Talking—and listening—has never been so important, as many of us struggle with the challenges of this pandemic.

We know that the last year has been hard for many of you—our covered members—or someone you care about, such as family members, friends or colleagues. There have been countless changes and with that comes anxiety, fear and uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring. Normal can often feel like a thing of the past.

It’s okay to admit to yourself and others that you are struggling, feeling overwhelmed, angry or disconnected from those you care about. You are not alone.

Those feelings are something that one can’t easily “snap out of” and it takes strength to say, “I’m not myself.” While it can be difficult to admit you aren’t okay, it’s important to be kind to yourself and reach out for help if you need it.

This is why we launched our “It Takes A Village” mental health campaign this week. Because while it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to support each of us through life’s ups-and-downs. As part of your village, ASEBP is here to support you and your family.

We’re working closely with our partners, including the Alberta Teachers’ Association, Alberta School Boards Association, Alberta Health Services and Canadian Mental Health Association, to ensure that you can access valuable resources on our website at I strongly encourage you to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, if you don’t already, so you don’t miss out on what we have in store.

We’re proud to be a trusted benefits provider for the public education sector in Alberta. This means that we’re here for you and your loved ones, through both good and tough times, to help ensure that you stay connected and supported on your lifelong health journey. 


Kelli Littlechilds