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NOTE: This information is only current as of Jul 18, 2024. Please visit asebp.ca for the most up-to-date information.

Benefits Fraud Prevention

While ASEBP strives to protect you all year-round, benefits fraud continues to impact all of us and has serious consequences. The best way to prevent benefits fraud and protect your benefit plan is to report suspicious activities.

Share and Protect

If you notice anything suspicious in your claims history or witness or hear of someone abusing the benefit plan, report it now: 

What Is Benefits Fraud and Abuse?

Fraud and abuse of benefits refers to intentional abuse, misuse or overuse of the benefit plan for personal gain. Fraud and abuse of benefits is unlawful and affects everyone. It has lasting impacts, including higher premiums, suspension of benefit coverage or worse. Benefits fraud examples: 

  • Transferring coverage between covered family members (e.g., claiming a service under a dependant's benefit coverage when the service was for you) 
  • Accepting incentives or gifts from providers (e.g., getting a free pair of shoes or a purse with foot orthotics) 
  • Claiming benefits that are not covered by the plan as an eligible benefit (e.g., receiving a spa treatment and claiming it as a therapeutic massage)  
  • Service providers claiming for products or services that were not provided  
  • Misrepresentation of conditions in a disability claim 

Our Approach

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Monitoring and Advanced Analytics

Using robust systems, large amounts of data can be analyzed at any given time. This data is routinely reviewed to ensure claims accuracy, and we have implemented measures to detect unusual claiming patterns and anomalies that could be related to fraud and abuse of benefits.

At the click of a mouse, a vast number of sophisticated reports can be produced that have been built to identify and set off warnings of potential claim abuse. 

Benefit Assurance Team

Our Benefit Assurance team, alongside our external stakeholders, is dedicated to monitoring and analyzing data, conducting audits and reviews on claims and determining the most suitable action against cases of fraud and abuse.

Providers Feature

We provide an eligible service providers list and an ineligible providers list on My ASEBP or on the Mobile App to help our members make informed decisions when seeking a new service provider. 

When using this tool, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The eligible providers list contains only providers located in Alberta, and those that have had claims processed by ASEBP in the last six months. This feature is for informational purposes only. Recommendations are provided by your peers, ASEBP covered members. ASEBP does not endorse or recommend specific service providers.
  • The ineligible providers list contains a list of providers that ASEBP will not accept claims from due to non-compliance with claiming standards. This means if you go to an ineligible provider or clinic for a product or service, ASEBP will not reimburse you under your Extended Heath Care (Drugs, Other Medical Services & Supplies and Travel Emergency), Dental Care or Vision Care coverage.

Anonymous Reporting Tools

We offer our members, and any member of the public, anonymous reporting tools such as the confidential hotline and email to help report fraud.

Tips to Keep You and Your Benefits Safe 

  • Always ensure that your and your dependants' personal information (including coordination of benefits information) is up to date with ASEBP and your service providers. 
  • Choose your health provider carefully. Before visiting a service provider, search the individual provider or clinic name under the Service Providers tab online at My ASEBP or on the Mobile App to determine their eligibility status.
  • Always contact an ASEBP benefit specialist at 1-877-431-4786 (toll-free), benefits@asebp.ca, or through the new online booking system with any of your benefits coverage questions. While your service providers may offer this information to you, it is best to check directly with ASEBP to ensure that you get the most current information.
  • Do not accept incentives such as cash, gift cards, or material items from service providers. Only purchase products or services that are medically necessary.
  • Never sign blank claim forms. Only sign claim forms once you have confirmed they are complete and accurate.
  • Always look over your receipt information (where applicable), and when claims are being direct billed, be sure to ask for a printed copy of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB). This will provide you with your claim details. If you notice any discrepancies, be sure to have your provider contact the Provider Services department to correct the claims information.
  • Only share your ASEBP ID number with your service providers.
  • Regularly check your claims history online on My ASEBP or on the Mobile App to make sure all claim details are correct.

As your trusted partner, our goal is to ensure the continued viability of our plan so we can continue to support you and your family on your lifelong health journey. Together, we can make sure everybody benefits. 

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