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Education Worker Recognition Week

NOTE: This information is only current as of Dec 6, 2021. Please visit for the most up-to-date information.



Education_Worker_Recognition_Week_2021.pngWe would like to thank everyone who participated in Education Workers Recognition Week and came together to let Alberta’s education workers know #YouMakeADifference—our cups are overflowing, and we hope yours are, too. 

We’ll be leaving the messages we shared during the campaign in place for now as a reminder of the incredible work you do every day.  

From everyone here at ASEBP, we appreciate you! 

Education Worker Recognition Week is here!Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing messages of thanks, support, and admiration for everything you do as an education worker. Whether you help transport students safely to and from school, work at the district-level to ensure schools are running smoothly, foster everyday learning, or contribute somewhere in between, this week is for you! Be sure to follow #YouMakeADifference and our social channels to see just how much you’re appreciated. To kick things off, our CEO, Kelli Littlechilds, shares this message of appreciation: "I am constantly in awe of the people who make up our province's education sector. From the adaptability of employers to the resiliency of  those working in our schools, you've shown time and time again how incredible you are. Even in the toughest of times, you continue to foster healthy and safe school communities so that Alberta's children can flourish. Thank you, for all that you do, and for all that you are. You have my, and all of ASEBP's, deepest gratitude."Over the past few weeks, we’ve been asking ASEBP employees to share stories of how education workers have positively impacted their education journeys and lives. Here’s one of the stories shared about how #YouMakeADifference by supporting student learning, no matter your role: Growing up I was an avid reader, so I got to know my school librarians throughout the years. They were always ready to offer a book recommendation or help me find resources for assignments and were some of the many ‘unconventional’ educators who supported me as a student. When it comes to letting Alberta’s education workers know #YouMakeADifference, ASEBP staff had some great stories to share. Here’s one about encouraging student interests and igniting a lifelong passion: English was always my fav subject in school. In HS, I had an English teacher who would give me extra books to read & always encouraged my writing. When a creative writing course was offered in my last year of HS, he pushed me to enrol, which ignited my lifelong passion for writing. If I ever get around to writing a book of my own, it will most certainly include a dedication to him.


We’ll start Day 2 of Education Worker Recognition Week with this impactful quote, and an important reminder that education comes in many different forms and happens equally within and outside the classroom. #YouMakeADifference Quote from Shai Reshef: "When you educate one person, you can change a life, when you educate many, you can change the world."Knowing who you can depend on at school to support you is such an important part of student success.  And, as this ASEBP employee shares, that support can come from just about anywhere and really goes to show that no matter your role: The school’s secretary may not be an education worker that quickly comes to mind but is very much part of the team that keeps everyone organized and helps to take care of the kids. As a kid, she was the go-to person that I knew I could trust to guide and help me when I needed it. As an adult, I see that the secretary is doing the same with my kids! Thank you :-)Our education workers wear so many hats outside of the day-to-day roles they’re in—from confidantes and protectors to cheerleaders and confidence-boosters. #YouMakeADifference  As one ASEBP employee shares, their impact can be profound: In grade four, my teacher walked into the coat room when a classmate was in the middle of verbally bullying me. The teacher immediately put a stop to it and from then on, always watched out for me and regularly checked in with me. Her kindness and support were pivotal in getting me through the remainder of elementary school.


Keeping schools clean and safe has been a role with more spotlight on it than normal over the past two years. To those typically in the background of our province’s schools—the ones dedicating their time to cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining the spaces where our family and friends work and learn—thank you.  #YouMakeADifference — a bigger one than you may even know. Thank you, Facilities staff, for helping keep our school environments safe!Ensuring students have safe, reliable transportation to and from school is a huge responsibility. One that falls on the shoulders of our province’s school bus drivers.  Whether it’s everyday runs or special field trips, #YouMakeADifference in your community. To all of Alberta's school bus drivers: We can't thank you enough for the care you take in transporting such precious cargo.Shout out to our province’s school district staff! From Information Technology and Human Resources to all others working to keep our schools running smoothly—we see you and we thank you.  Because of the work you do, our province’s schools are equipped with the resources essential to building the supportive, healthy environments students need. To the many teams that make up school district staff: our school communities wouldn't be what they are without you. Thank you!


It’s Day 4 of Education Worker Recognition Week! When we think about the impact those working in the education sector have on our children and our communities, we couldn’t think of better stewards of the future. Quote from Marian Wright Edelman: Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.Building a thriving school community takes a wide range of people, but they all seem to share a common trait: kindness.  As one ASEBP employee shares, this kindness shines through in even the simplest of acts: Huge shoutout to Mr. Belardo, Farinas, Panganiban, and Ms. Belaynhe at George P. Nicholson School, for their smiles, waves (even while shoveling during the recent snow storm), and always going the extra mile to keep our kids healthy and safe. When it comes to the qualities education workers embody, compassion is high on the list.  As another one of our employees shares, compassion, inspiration, and being passionate about the work you do benefits everyone around you: I want to send a big thank you to three amazing, compassionate, inspiring teachers I know – Cara (Leduc), Holly (Calgary), and Nadia (Edmonton). These three women are passionate about ensuring that their students learn and have fun while doing it. Their resiliency over the last year is a testament to the strength that these three women embody!


Classrooms can be a truly magical place full of wonder, breakthroughs, and more.  Teachers and educational assistants are the cornerstones of creating these environments and fostering student learning. Today and every day, #YouMakeADifference in the lives of so many! For Alberta's teachers and educational assistants: Thank you for your resilience, your passion, your commitment, and for nurturing learning with everything you do.From everyone at ASEBP, we want to share our sincerest thanks to Alberta’s education workers.  The courage, fortitude, and strength you've shown in these difficult times further highlights the incredible people you are. #YouMakeADifference, and we’re proud to support you. We couldn't be prouder to support the incredible members of Alberta's public, separate, and francophone school districts.While today may be the last day of Education Worker Recognition Week, that doesn’t mean the love for Alberta’s public education sector has to stop here!  We encourage this community of support to continue. There’s never a bad time to remind someone, #YouMakeADifference.Thank you so much for joining us for Education Worker Recognition Week!  It’s been incredible to see our school communities celebrated in so many wonderful ways. #YouMakeADifference  You can revisit some of our messages from this week by checking out our event page on our website. Thank you for helping us recognize Alberta’s education workers!