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Your Summer, Your Way

  • ASEBP News
Jun. 4, 2024

If you are counting down the days to your summer getaway or are simply looking forward to some backyard time and relaxation, knowing what to do in the event of an accident, injury, or illness, allows you to lean on your ASEBP benefits when you need them.  

During your school’s non-instructional days in July and August, contact your employer right away if you are hurt in a motor vehicle or sporting accident, sustain another injury, or become seriously ill.  

Any illness or injury that lasts more than 14 days is then reported to ASEBP, should you need additional medical support, treatment, or adjustments to help you return to work in the fall.  

But my school is closed during the summer. Where should I report my injury or illness? 

Even if your school principal and colleagues are away on vacation, it is important to reach out to your employer—usually your division’s Human Resources department—to let them know about your illness or injury, even if you are not expected back to work anytime soon.  

Your employer will let ASEBP know about your injury or illness, so that we can reach out and support you through your recovery. In some cases, ASEBP can assist with coordinating assessments and providing referrals to therapeutic providers in your community.  

What happens if I am expected to be away from work longer? 

In more serious situations, or if you experience complications in your recovery, and are expected to be away from work for several weeks or months, ASEBP can support you by coordinating a gradual return to work through our Early Intervention Program (if you qualify) or start the Extended Disability Benefits (EDB) application process to ensure that you aren’t without pay once school resumes.  

What if I am expected to recover over the summer. Should I still let my employer know? 

Yes! Sometimes, it’s hard to predict how long or in what ways an injury or illness will affect you. By letting your employer know right away, your ASEBP benefits have your back, even if you initially feel well enough to start the new school year.